Exciting news!

by Jamie on July 18, 2023

Dear Member of Central Florida Therapy Family,

We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and high spirits. We are writing to inform you of some changes taking place at Central Florida Therapy.  The clinic has undergone a change in leadership.

We understand that the well-being and progress of your child are of utmost importance, and we want to assure you that the quality care and dedication you have come to expect from our clinic will remain unchanged. We have taken great care in selecting a new owner who shares our commitment to providing exceptional pediatric therapy services.

Courtney Mullins, the new owner of the clinic, is an experienced professional in the field of pediatric therapy with an outstanding reputation. She has been an SLP in the community for 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion for helping children reach their full potential. Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the continuity of care for all our valued patients.

While there will be some administrative adjustments during this transition, our commitment to your child’s progress and well-being remains unwavering. The clinic will continue to offer the same range of services, therapies, and programs that have benefited your child thus far. We will also maintain the existing team of skilled and dedicated therapists who have been providing personalized care to your child.

We look forward to having you meet Courtney and welcome her into our clinic.  We understand that change can sometimes be unsettling, but we are confident that this transition will ultimately enhance the care and services we provide to you and your child.

We genuinely appreciate the trust you have placed in our clinic, and we look forward to continuing our journey with your child towards achieving their developmental milestones and improving their quality of life. Should you have any immediate concerns or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We are excited about the future and the opportunities this change in ownership presents for our clinic and your child’s well-being.

Warm regards,

Jamie Harrell, Julie Lashbrook, and Courtney Mullins

Holiday Fun

by Jamie on November 26, 2012

We’ve created a new Winter Holiday Fun board for our families.  Come and visit us on Pinterest for some fun holiday crafts and activities to do with your littles (and not so littles).


Fall Fine Motor Fun

November 7, 2012

We love, love, love this craft from Spoonful.com so much that we are once again sharing this link (click on picture to access recipe at their website).  Julie made multiple batches of this wonderfully Fallish (not a word, I know) play dough and brought it in for all of our therapists to use last year.  […]



October 22, 2012

What happens next???  In part that depends on with what company you end up pursuing therapy.  The backbone of the process should be the same wherever you go and will include the following steps. Parent Step 3:  Complete the new patient paper work.  Different companies will ask for slightly different information but in general most […]



October 17, 2012

My child needs therapy.  Do you take my insurance??? We get this phone call multiple times a week from parents who are new to the therapy world and do not know where to start.  Usually our answer begins with….”Well, it depends.”  Sometimes we can answer all of the important questions with a quick on-line insurance […]

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The Art of Storytelling (Part 3)

October 8, 2012

This week we end our storytelling blog with a classic game.  This is not only a great at parties but is fun to play with the family around the dinner table or on a road trip.  Please visit Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series if you want to start from the beginning. […]

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The Art of Storytelling (Part 2)

October 1, 2012

Last week we shared how we use Story Picture Cards as cues to help children develop storytelling skills.  This week we have two additional games that we recommend for fostering the art of storytelling.  The first is a wonderful game that we learned from a veteran elementary school teacher (she always ended the week’s storytelling […]

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The Art of Storytelling (Part 1)

September 25, 2012

Storytelling is a wonderful activity through which we pass down family history, teach literature appreciation, build reading comprehension, and foster creative writing skills.  Whether you like to tell elaborate fairy tales or just want a conversation about what happened at school today, practicing the art of storytelling builds communication skills and creative thinking in children.  […]

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Homework Headache

September 10, 2012

My 2nd and 3rd grader have homework every night (usually 60 to 90 minutes). On good days they get their homework done before 5. On bad days, we are still completing homework the next morning as we eat breakfast. To help me get through the daily grind I turned to my good friend (who happens […]

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Summer Therapy Brochure

May 17, 2012


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